St. Joseph Commemorative Hillmen Sweatshirts

Orders due by April 13th.


4 comments on “St. Joseph Commemorative Hillmen Sweatshirts
  1. Barb Lang-May says:

    Can I have the school address. We no longer live in Illinois. I would love to order a sweatshirt. I am from the class of ‘79

  2. Sean O'Gara says:

    Can a purchase be delivered? I’m an alum living in Chicago who would like to order a sweatshirt and have it delivered. If not, are they to be picked up? When and where?

    • Administrator says:

      We are unable to deliver shirts. However, if you would like to purchase them we can have them available for pickup at the school or parish center during regular business hours or arrange a pick up for you depending on a date and time.

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