What is Manna?
You buy prepaid cards for use where you usually shop – at your grocery, department, technology, clothing, and sporting goods stores, as well as gas stations, restaurants, and more. Manna is even available for airline and travel purchases. There are NO extra, hidden fees. Just pay for the face value of the gift card for each retailer and use them just like cash. When you use Manna, you earn revenue for yourself to be taken off your tuition payments twice a year. All this without spending any more than you’re already planning to spend.

How Can You Buy Manna?
To order Manna, simply complete an order form(which lists participating retailers, their gift card face values and discount). You can pick up an order form from the school office or stop into the Parish Center on Sunday between 9:30a.m. and 10:30a.m.. Manna can be purchased on Sunday between 9:30a.m. and 10:30a.m. in the Parish Center or on Wednesdays through our Manna Backpack Program. For the Manna Backpack Program you send your manna order in the specially provided blue envelope to school with your child on Wednesday and your order will be filled and returned to your child Thursday afternoon. Manna Backpack Program is only available when school is in session.

How do people use Manna cards?
 * Use for everyday shopping where you normally shop for groceries and gas.
  • Use for large purchases for your home including appliances, electronics, and furniture.
  • Use for vacation travel, including hotels, airfares, rental cars, and Disney.
  • Business owners, use for all your business purchases including office supplies, business travel, gas, and employee gifts.
  • Use to stock up, clean up, and dress up before celebrating your birthday, graduation, first communion, and holiday parties and other special occasions!
  • Simplify holiday gift-giving with gift cards