Mission / Philosophy


St. Joseph Catholic School is committed to guiding all students and families to live the Gospel message in Catholic tradition, while forming a community of faith, service, evangelization, and academic excellence encouraging a Christ-centered lifestyle.



As a part of larger parish community, our commitment to Catholic education includes these integral points:

•   The responsibility for faith formation and academic excellence that is rooted in Gospel values is the shared mission between parents/guardians, teachers, religious personnel, and parishioners whereby parents are recognized and respected as the primary educators of their children.

•   By our offering a Christian education and Catholic values, we provide opportunities for students to learn and live the message of Christ as directed in the document, To Teach As Jesus Did. Holding Jesus as a model, the faculty and staff are committed to growing in their personal relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

•   Recognizing that the primary function of the school is to educate the whole child, we must also respond to our challenging times with a vision, our faith, and the will to succeed. We are committed to preparing our students for a lifetime of learning and witnessing the Gospel message of God’s love for ourselves and our neighbor and service to the world.

•   St. Joseph Catholic School accepts the responsibility to help each child achieve their intellectual, spiritual, physical, psychological and religious capacities to their fullest potential while also addressing the diverse needs and capabilities of the students and accommodating students with special needs as fully as possible.

•   We believe we are preparing our students to function in a complex and global society with respect and acceptance for the dignity and freedom of all people. We are committed to celebrating the uniqueness of all persons through an appreciation of cultural diversity in our students and families.